I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up

While clumsily sliding into my orthopedic Vans to accommodate my swollen feet and Bachelor Ben Higgins -worthy, transitory cankles,  I worried this morning that I wasn't going to be able to get back up in my closet - seriously considering if I was going to have to spend the entire Friday on the floor with dust-collecting Dry Clean [...]

Let there be shelves

Thanks to Pinterest, no wedding extravaganza, engagement photo-shoot (did these even exist before Pinterest?), winter wardrobe, home-decor effort, or nursery will (or can never) be sub-par ever again. PS - WordPress really wants me to correct sub-par to Subaru. Not happening, WordPress. What goes in a nursery? Pinterest B.C. - Crib, glider, changing table, baby dresser, diapers. [...]

Be Nice to Me, My Wife is Pregnant

We've entered into the homestretch of this pregnancy triathlon - and with 77 days left on the burner,  I'm ready to award my husband with the Medal of Honor for the incessant foot rubs (can't even call them feet - they're summer sausages) and the erratic, constant food runs (Japanese, no...Olive Garden, no...chocolate milk). Not even Caitlyn [...]

Bump Ahead

Well... we're pregnant (well, I'm pregnant, Tye helped ). 18 weeks to be exact. Baby Buck will make his or her grand appearance early March - and later this month, we'll actually know what "the Baby" is. You know what that means. Time to shop (well, shop more - for smaller things). And we'll be able [...]

Fifty Shades of Naysayers

Thanks to social media - and the media in general, we're now all well aware of the wildly vehement repercussions of succumbing to the temptation that is the highly anticipated '50 Shades of Grey' movie. The film that will undoubtedly infect our steadfast relationships, turn our husbands into abusive animals, whip us into pitiful, silent submissives and send us all [...]

Will you accept this prose?

During the season of engagement, marriage advice is a free-for-all.  Welcome (and unwelcome) tips, ranging from child rearing and submission to the T.V. remote to pioneer women recipes, laundry counsel and the constant reminder to pick your battles (I will always battle for not leaving wet towels on the bed - end of story). Among the [...]