Slow Love Blinks

The occasional grump.

My husband and I run a small zoo in our house with two wayward rescue cats and an exceptionally large, capricious pup. So naturally, our daily routines are littered with animal-antics that make for an entertaining backdrop. Our black cat, Kippy, is by far, the oddest fella in the bunch.

Switching gears. Tye and I met six years ago – and when I discovered our mutual love of macaroni and cheese, pickles (but not the sweet ones) and Animal Planet early on, I knew he was “the one.”

So in between college football games, the Walking Dead and Naked and Afraid, one of my favorite Animal Planet shows made it into the acceptable late-night rotation: ‘My Cat from Hell.’

According to Jackson Galaxy, the eccentric cat-whispering show-host, a cat communicates a direct “slow blink” as love and affection. Sounds ridiculous. But if you’ve ever blinked slowly at a cat, it will generally return the favor – and purr. This episode was several years ago – pre marriage, pre-degrees, pre-bills.

So this morning, in between teeth-brushing, cups of coffee (one cup, because, “the Baby”), and deciding WHAT to wear because of my new bump, cool(ish) weather and east-coast, Joaquin rain,  I hear Kippy from the bedroom getting pretty nasty (the cat sounds that make people say they “hate cats”). Immediately echoed by my never-forgets-the-details husband, “I’M EVEN DOING THE SLOW BLINK!”

Can’t win em’ all, my friend. Not even with the slow-blink.

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