Let there be shelves

Thanks to Pinterest, no wedding extravaganza, engagement photo-shoot (did these even exist before Pinterest?), winter wardrobe, home-decor effort, or nursery will (or can never) be sub-par ever again. PS – WordPress really wants me to correct sub-par to Subaru. Not happening, WordPress.

What goes in a nursery? Pinterest B.C. – Crib, glider, changing table, baby dresser, diapers.

What goes7380fbf5c296a988f6dee4962e8681576b10e4994253bb7b14a80bc3c945f99c in a nursery? Pinterest A.D. – Burlap banners,  tasteful faux taxidermy, chandeliers, wool felt ball banners,  paper flowers, hot air balloons, DIY tee-pees, bunny rockers, baskets for days and anything else you can classify under ‘whimsical.’ My husband calls it clutter. I’m having trouble reigning it in.

I recently tripped across this pin during one of my pinning escapades and determined that our 32-week old unborn baby who can’t read yet absolutely needs shelves for all of her books (she has about six books – definitely nee5233cc9f8e8612b3ecdce6a811bb4b5eds shelves).  The pin lead to a blog post which lead to the Ikea website where picture ledges can be purchased – which would ultimately lead to a trip to Ikea in Charlotte which would absolutely lead to a spending spree in the SouthPark Mall (which would lead to a come-to-Jesus meeting where we talk about “the budget”).

To avoid the road-trip spending spiral, my handy husband offered to build these shelves for me (trip to Lowes vs. trip to Charlotte). He’s been offering to build me a dining room table for a year, so my inner skeptic had to remind him that home-girl will be here in less than 60-days.

Less than 24-hours later, these lovely DIY shelves were mounted – with the books with the most words on the very top shelf where neither I nor the baby can reach.


Thankful for Tye. Now the dining room discussion is back on the table (pun).



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