All is Calm (not)

All is Calm (not)

I'm an Instagram stalk-a-holic of all things baby.  Kids shops, boutiques, baby brands - you name it.  An addict by nature, I binge-scroll through all of the leather moccasins, whimsical nurseries, luxury strollers, handmade classic toys, stylish bow subscriptions (that we JUST cancelled to my dismay because "priorities") and 'add to cart' mentally.  Then get frustrated with all [...]

Let there be shelves

Thanks to Pinterest, no wedding extravaganza, engagement photo-shoot (did these even exist before Pinterest?), winter wardrobe, home-decor effort, or nursery will (or can never) be sub-par ever again. PS - WordPress really wants me to correct sub-par to Subaru. Not happening, WordPress. What goes in a nursery? Pinterest B.C. - Crib, glider, changing table, baby dresser, diapers. [...]

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Whoever said that was likely 25 years old - and had just bought a house (presumably in Rome). And by "built" - they mean: painted, decorated, furnished, cleaned, mowed, clipped, raked and Swiffered - because somehow, dog hair is much more prominent on shiny wood floors than it is on dingy, apartment carpet. The sun [...]

We Bought a House

We interrupt this wedding reminisce-fest for an important announcement that trumps save-the-dates, butter-cream frosting and a delightful garden utopia... We are officially homeowners. With keys, a garage door opener and a mortgage (blegth). Grown-up milestone #3457: We went to Lowes to pick up paint, hardwood floor cleaner and mums - and I didn't hate it. Background: My [...]