Fifty Shades of Naysayers

shadesgreyThanks to social media – and the media in general, we’re now all well aware of the wildly vehement repercussions of succumbing to the temptation that is the highly anticipated ’50 Shades of Grey’ movie. The film that will undoubtedly infect our steadfast relationships, turn our husbands into abusive animals, whip us into pitiful, silent submissives and send us all collectively to hell in a handbasket (why must we travel by handbasket?).

My desperate plea to the ignorant masses that plague our airwaves and social media newsfeeds with frenzied opinions is this – If you haven’t read the books, just be still. Context is key – and has a valuable purpose. And may I remind you, you will not be hogtied and forced to darken the doors of a theater near you (unless you’re my husband, of course) to meekly endure 124 minutes of erotic romance and drama. You are free to opt for other Friday-evening activities. Free. What a glorious notion.

If you’d like to form a fact-based opinion on fiction no less, I’d be happy to loan you any of the three “poorly written” books.

Not your thing? That’s fine. You pick your poison, I’ll pick mine.

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