We Bought a House

We interrupt this wedding reminisce-fest for an important announcement that trumps save-the-dates, butter-cream frosting and a delightful garden utopia… We are officially homeowners. With keys, a garage door opener and a mortgage (blegth).

Grown-up milestone #3457: We went to Lowes to pick up paint, hardwood floor cleaner and mums – and I didn’t hate it.

Background: My husband suffers from a mysterious chronic condition that causes his lower back to ache severely any time we step foot into a mall, boutique or Panera Bread (and all other “frou-frou, overpriced sandwich shops with teeny-weeny serving portions…” his words, not mine). I’ve found that I have the same condition in Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shop and Lowes. However, this time was different. I had fun.

home progressWe actually closed on the house last Tuesday, and the following day I flew out to Arkansas for business. Knowing that Tye would be in Colorado the following week, I knew we wouldn’t actually be able to move in until the weekend of October 25 – our epic 1-year  wedding anniversary weekend. When I got home late Friday night – I was greeted by a sweet surprise: an empty apartment. My ever-thoughtful husband had moved everything but our bedroom furniture while I was out of town. We moved the rest over the weekend, painted the laundry room Tiffany & Co blue (so I can enjoy laundry) and planted mums so our new neighbors wouldn’t think we were anti-fall.

Since we are homeowners, I’m on budget lock down until further notice (so naturally, it’s time for an eyebrow wax and pedicure – first world probs). However, my inner nest-er is ready to decorate and begin to make 2,500 sq. ft feel like home. So, I pulled from our wedding and shower decor and was surprised how quickly our bookshelf filled up, complete with centerpiece mason jars and program basket. Sentimental shelves.

Next steps: More paint. Paint crew is scheduled. After being reprimanded (gently) for painting the over the outlets and a good amount of the tile, we decided painting is not among my skills and better left to the professionals. Fair enough.


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