In Celebration of National Puppy Day


Not that we ever need a reason to celebrate our mammoth pup, but, it’s National Puppy Day. And while we both weigh in at about the same, to me, he is still a teeny, tiny, five year old infant (with slightly worse breath and an untamed tail that can leave a trail of bruises).



In honor of our rambunctious lab, we recognize the brilliant lessons he has taught us:

  • Keep on searching for what you’re looking for with vigor, even if you don’t know what IT is.
  • Never take “no” for an answer, especially when it involves food on the floor.
  • Always push the limits – Paws on the couch don’t count as “on the couch”
  • Playing in the rain is all fun and games, until you have to pee in it.
  • Bark if you think you hear something – even if you don’t. If scolded, bark louder.bed
  • Always celebrate the small things, like ice cubes that fall from the freezer – and treats that make your breath better.
  • No one likes celery. Not even Scout. Don’t eat gross things.
  • Stranger, danger. No matter what size. Unless they have something you want – like a tennis ball.
  • If you want something new – like a new bed – destroy evidence that you have one.
  • When in trouble, simply lay on the pitiful, guilt-struck face. No one stays mad at that. Then roll over.
  • If you want to make someone uncomfortable, just stare at them.
  • If life gives you mud, play in it. Especially if you’ve just had a bath.
  • Kisses make everything better – even a mauled black leather pump. Just one.
  • Don’t be materialistic – you never know when you’ll lose something you love (see above).
  • Never claim your toots. Ever. Act as surprised as everyone else.

Today, we celebrate Scout, with glorious tennis balls, unlimited access to the water hose, and a slightly higher chance at the table scraps. Dream big, buddy. We love you.

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