Spice Up Your Life

spicegirlsIf the Spice Girls would have been apart of 21st century pop culture – there would have definitely been a Pumpkin Spice. Because let’s face it, everything pumpkin flavored basically rocks. The minute labor day strikes, it’s instant fall. And while we’re summoning our white denim to hibernation, Starbucks is rolling out the beloved PSL – prompting folks everywhere to crave flannel, (Hunter) boots and of course, pumpkin everything (bread, martinis, sugar scrub, muffins, lattes, scones, pie, syrup, cookies, pancakes and waffles).

Unfortunately in South Carolina, it’s still JUST as hot and humid the day after labor day, that it is the day before. Not that we’ll let that stop us from starting fall… I ordered my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season and when the Barista asked “hot or iced,” the immediate reaction was, “HOT!” Because an iced PSL would mean we’re not really having fall. Denial. So I enjoyed every sip of that delicious liquid fall while enduring that awful in-between-the-boobs sweat because, after all, it was 89 degrees out. Happy fall.

I’m not the only one though succumbing to the season – my husband asked the other day for “those pumpkin muffins you made last year.” So we went to Publix (where shopping actually IS a pleasure) in search of the ingredients. Two ingredients to be exact. Another Pinterest find…and life changing recipe. Boxed Spice cake + and 100% pure pumpkin = magical fallness in your mouth.

Feast your eyes on this terribly taxing recipe and clean up routine:

Pumpkin collage1. Dump Spice Cake mix and 1-can of 100% pure pumpkin into a bowl

2. Mix until smooth

3. Add to muffin tin

4. Bake for 12-15 minutes at 350 degrees

5. Wash bowl & mixer attachment things (if you haven’t licked ALL of the batter off already…guilty)

6. Enjoy the taste of fall without forehead perspiration

Spice up your life!

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