Sweet October

we-did-itellewoodsHappy October! For my husband and I, it’s happy day-one of our Anniversary month. This is kind of big deal – considering that among the oodles of solicited (and unsolicited) pre-wedding wisdom we received, a common theme was: The first year of marriage is the hardest – but if you make it, it’s all smooth sailing from there.” Well, in the words of Elle Woods, “We did it!” Almost…25 days to go. And, it wasn’t that hard.

You know what is hard? Surviving 21 days in the wilderness, naked and afraid (we just finished that marathon), enduring the never-ending time span between House of Cards seasons, and digging in your purse for keys with wet nails. Not that 320-something days of marriage makes us experts, but we learned quickly to operate in our gifts – and embrace each others strengths instead of resenting them – or competing. Simple rules for order… Tye makes the breakfast (since he likes mornings), kills the bugs (since he’s brave), and takes out the trash (because he’s strong – and that bag is heavy). I scoop the cat box (because they are my cats), wash the clothes (because I read the care tags…and understand the importance of separating whites from colors), and make sure we don’t run out of sulfate free hair products (because…it matters). First year of marriage – piece of cake. Words of wisdom for newlyweds? Luke Bryan said it best, “Keep the fights clean, and the sex dirty.” Profound.

So over the next 25 days, in the spirit of all things sappy and cheesy, I want to recap my favorite details that made our wedding day so lovely. Planning a wedding is a wild ride – and the wedding day happens at the speed of sound. So, here we go…

Hint for tomorrow:

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