A Pinspired Date to Save

A Few Pinspiring Pins

I truly believe that Pinterest is a gift from God – and when I get to Heaven, I am going to thank Him for it. From the earrings I wore and the faux-flower I sported in my wedding hair (& hair style) to my Tiffany blue garter, monogrammed moss wooden letters, rustic wedding cake-cutting set, groomsmen’s gifts and vintage mason jar centerpieces every single detail of the Miller/Buckley wedding was Pinspired.

The save-the-date was no exception.

If you go to WeddingPaperDivas.com, you have the option to choose between flat cards, post cards, magnets and more. From folded, flat and tri-fold to ‘Modern Vintage,’ ‘Rustic Revival,’ and ‘Sparkle and Shine,’ the possibilities are endless – and unless you want to spend the rest of eternity browsing pages upon pages of options, it doesn’t hurt to go into Nancy Drew mode with an idea in mind.

Knowing in advance that a wedding costs about the same as a foreign car –  and not wanting my dad to resent me forever for spending his retirement on a gold laced invitations delivered by albino doves or a 7-tier cake with One Direction inside waiting patiently to perform at the reception, I opted to cut corners where corners could be tastefully cut. Tasteful Corner Cut #1: Post-card save the dates (to save $$ on postage). We are STILL trying to find things to use our left-over post card stamps on. Sorry to anyone who has received a card with 2-3 post card stamps across the front of the envelope. The Buckley’s are learning to budget (well, this Buckley is – the other one is a master).

I knew that I wanted a photo on the front of the post-card. After all, we had 350+ festive photos to choose from – and Tye’s epic endurance performance during the puppy babyengagement photography session(s) must not be in vain. Finally, I knew I wanted our sweet pup, Scout, to be included in the photo because he’s a big part of our story – In fact, Tye wouldn’t have won me over without a yellow puppy. That’s not entirely true – but a trip to visit a litter of precious puppies, coupled with strawberry milkshakes on an unofficial first date definitely scored him some serious brownie points.

With that in mind – we ended up choosing one of the ‘rustic, farmy’ photos taken at Cherry Hill Farm (Tallahassee), to announce that the three of us were about to become a family. After the engagement, Tye started referring to me as Scout’s “Mom” – and that made my heart smile.

So, 200 post card save-the-dates featuring our family of three were ‘added to cart’ and October 26, 2013 was immortalized on card stock forever as the loveliest date to be saved in our eternity.  (Along with my other most favorite dates: we met – 8/21/09, we kissed – 9/4/09, we met puppy Scout – 9/5/09, first date – 9/16/09, became ‘official’ – 10/26/09, got engaged – 7/28/12) Feeling a little creepy for remembering the nitty-gritty A+T details, when I can’t remember where I put my purse, phone and keys every single morning without fail. Crazy.

STD final

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