I Do Adore Pretty Things

“…& witty words.” – To quote the utterly fantastic designer, Kate Spade (BTW: My fabulous, dancing-queen mama rocked the hell out of her slingback Kate Spade pumps on our big day…so proud). Can’t go wrong with glitter and bold bows…ever.

Going to wait on the urgent call to take this down... until then - Work it, Cindy!
Going to wait on the urgent call to take this down… until then – Work it, Cindy!

We’re four days out from the big 1-year wedding anniversary (and five-years of really digging each other…wow!) – so I was mulling over what to pack into these next few entries and realized – there are far too many minute, yet fabulous details that must be recognized immediately. We all know for a wedding, you need a few basic staples: Flowers (everywhere), grossly overpriced dress, tall-tier cake and décor of some sort to complement the “theme.” However, it’s the long-pondered, winsome details that contribute to the overall charismatic charm of ‘Happily ever after,” day one. Here are the first five my top 10 Pinspired Miller/Buckley wedding details:

  • Monogrammed wedding program fans: I had the audacity to get married outside in Florida, a foolhardy move to tempt the weather-gods to elicit either extreme heat, a spontaneous monsoon, mosquito laden humidity – or in our case, a rare “fall” day with a crisp, cool breeze and clear blue skies (I started praying over a year in advance… God loves me best). Nevertheless, we were prepared – with sassy fans.
Stay cool, my friends.
  • Love is sweet – Betterbee honey souvenirs: Gifts for 175+ guests can get steep. So we found Tasteful Corner Cut #4. Keeping with the simple, southern theme – My sister and I compiled honey-stick trio’s, with a brown card stock note stamped, “Love is sweet.” We had these tucked into every napkin on the tables – for folks to take or leave. Didn’t hurt us either way – at $6 a pop for a pack of 50 – we avoided the set back. And had a fun craft night discovering (or rather, facing) our gifts and shortcomings. By “we” I mean, me. I’m not patient enough to stamp…well. Comparison photo below. Case & point.

    Love is sweet co
    Whitney’s perfect tag on top – My “special” tag, on bottom.
  • Monogrammed Moss Letters: Tasteful Corner Cut #5: DIY decor. Hobby Lobby quickly became my best friend. Seriously, Myspace “Top 8” status. My crafty mom and I glued dried moss to large, wooden letters. Attached brown and white burlap ribbon to it – and hung the letters “A B T” behind where the exchange of vows took place. Simple, nature inspired decor to complement our garden utopia. PS: These are great for the day of – I tried to put them up as apartment decor and they quickly began to shed. Everyone loves vacuuming up dried moss residue. No worries though, this DIY didn’t break the bank – and no one is really grieving over trashed moss letters. RIP, letters.

    Technically, it should have been “TBA” – but that sounds like something from a news release or a sports channel. The other option was T&A, but… you know (we all just went there)
  • Surprise garter mini flask: For a man who loves surprises and whiskey – this was a hit. Let’s get real – Reaching under the new bride’s dress in the presence of dear friends and family is uncomfortable. We all know dads prefer to believe their daughters are virgins for eternity – and this tradition causes sweaty palms. My husband, one of the last true gentlemen left on the planet – was twitchy for this very public part of the evening. Lighten the mood? I had a mini-flask attached to my garter, filled with his favorite dark liquor. That’ll take the edge off, my friends. Reach away, baby – it’s legal now. (This was a gift from my sweet bridesmaid, Kate Belz)

Garter Surprise

  • Personalized koozies: Because really, who has enough koozies? Well…we do. Roughly 30+, in fact – If anyone wants a Tye & Adrianne koozie (how very egocentric, right?), let me know. We ordered these bad boys in bulk and had them sitting at the open-bar for all of our thirsty guests. I liked seeing them floating throughout the crowd – made us feel celebrated (and kept everyone’s beers nice and cold). Cheers!

    Eat, drink & be married (we sure did).
    Eat, drink & be married (we sure did).

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